A Foolproof Mini Guide To Perfecting Your Jewelry Layering Game

Layering your jewelry has been incredibly fashionable for quite a few years now. It can be considered the epitome of a functional, chic style that most women love whether they are going to work or for a casual lunch. However, there is an art to jewelry layering for the best effect, whether it is bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or even rings. Here are some best practices for layering jewelry and inviting praise about your sense of style! Shop Rox Jewelers for some essential pieces to stack.

long layered necklaces gold necklaces

Jewelry Layering- The Hot Trend

A Classic Pearl Layering

Whether you love necklaces or bracelets, pearls are a universally adored gemstone with a history of use stretching back thousands of years. Pearls can upgrade an outfit and add some visual interest to a formal little black dress. The key to layering pearls is necklaces or bracelets composed of pearls of different sizes and colors. 

The mix and match effect is stunning when you combine both cut and uncut pearls and white pearls with pink or grey varieties. A good example would be using a string of pink pearls with an uncut pearl locket and a simple gold chain to tie the look together.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds and other precious gemstones (even if they are faux diamonds) can be layered from light to heavy or from small to large, resembling a ripple in the water. This provides a very aesthetically pleasing optical illusion from afar, making you look effortlessly glamorous and regal. Another chic hack is to use plain gold chains in between or even lockets of symbols. This allows you to offset the gleam of the diamonds with a more subtle addition.

Stacking With Earcuffs And Hoops

Stacked earrings are a gorgeous style statement. But you can go beyond plain diamond studs and gold hoops by using other earring styles. Mix and match ear cuffs, diamond-studded hoops, and infinity hoops. You can also choose a multi-gem approach. Because earrings are often more subtle than necklaces and can be layered easily without looking like you’ve overdone them.

Precious And Semi-Precious

When layering rings and rocking the medieval ‘rings on every finger’ aesthetic, you can combine different metals and have a combination of precious and semi-precious stones. A couple of rings can be diamonds, rubies, or sapphires coupled with semi-precious gems like turquoise, quartz, or amethyst. You can also incorporate rings with healing crystals if you feel you are usually anxious or stressed during the day.

Stacking Jewelry – A Guide To Do It Right

A Bohemian Layering Style

Jewelry that’s worn every day for an entire lifetime or passed down from generation to generation, such as an engagement ring, is usually of a classic cut, but you can add bohemian touches by having some symbolic rings, grapevine styles, and plain gold bands around the main engagement ring. Add rings that emphasize natural elements like the rising sun, leaves, or tree branches.

Varied Bracelets To Look Both Funky And Chic

Bracelets are a lot of fun for layering because you have many options. Use thicker vintage gold or silver bracelets with thinner chain varieties and studded ones with diamonds and gemstones

A designer trick is to wear the bracelets slightly on the tighter side with a good fit. This is so that they are not tangling one against the other and can stand out independently. Especially if they have carvings or gemstones. Some people even stray from metal and incorporate glass or plastic bangles or beads in between for an interesting look.

Around A Statement Watch 

A watch can be a focal point in your bracelet layering as you can add different styles for a glamorous look. Deviate from metals if your watch has a metal strap and use woven bands, beads, and plastic bangles. If your watch has a leather strap, you can use gold or rose gold bangles and bracelets for an ideal combination. 

Geometric Shapes

Whether it is bracelets, necklaces, or rings, use the beauty of different geometrically cut shapes and stones to your advantage. Different geometric shapes of stones add tons of visual interest. Especially because of the variety of colors and the variances in luster between precious and semi-precious stones. Octagonal, rectangular, princess cut, rose cut, oval, navette, etc. There are dozens of shapes to choose from and mix and match. 

Thin Chains With A Single Centerpiece

Layering thinner chains together with only one centerpiece to capture all the attention is a bold and stylish move. The centerpiece pendant can be a symbol or gemstone close to your heart. And it can revamp your whole look. A centerpiece locket is also a great way to showcase a passion or interest, like astrology or letters.