Buddha to Buddha offers a large selection of bold and unique jewelry.  Their large collection appeals to many, with unisex designs and jewlery options for a variety of preferences. Buddha to Buddha jewelry makes for a great show-stopping addition to any personal collection.

Buddha to Buddha Beginnings

Buddha to Buddha has been on a mission to provide quality crafted jewelry since 1997. After finding joy creating his first piece of jewelry in 1994, founder Batul Loomans realized he wanted to create a brand with Buddhist values. As a result, Buddha to Buddha was born, a company that cherishes life and love above all else. 


They have stuck by their original Buddhist values of love and kindness by creating multiple pieces in which a portion of sales goes to charity. Currently they have the Sterk and Postief bracelet in green, blue, and black. By purchasing one of these pieces you will be donating to brain cancer research.  In short, you can have a beautiful piece of jewelry and know that it contributes to a great cause! 


Buddha to Buddha’s bold jewelry makes a big statement, with many collections and designs to appeal to a wide audience. With over 925 sterling silver pieces to choose from, Buddha to Buddha provides quality jewelry options for everyone. 


Buddha to Buddha aims to provide high quality jewelry options for every type of person. Their styles appeal to both men and women, making them one of the more progressive jewelry brands out there today.  With that being said, over the years they have created a number of collections to cater to their large audience. Buddha to Buddha has 4 main collections which break down into more than 23 sub collections. The 4 main collections include: 


  • Heritage: The Heritage Collection is based off of the original bracelet design from Batul. The group of pieces is made up of bold chain link bracelets and rings. Most pieces are silver and black with the signature  engraved logo. Each piece takes approximately five days to create by one of Buddha to Buddha’s skilled silversmiths. 
  • Refined: The Refined Collection contains more delicate looking pieces. It is made up mainly of bangles and rings in dark hammered black silver or polished silver. 
  • Leather beads and cords: A selection of high quality leather bangles and bracelets. All of the pieces are handwoven by talented specialists. The premium leather used in this collection is sourced from all over the world. 
  • Gold: Buddha to Buddha’s gold series screams bold elegance. This selection is smaller than their others. However, what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality. Choose from premium earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. With pieces that come in yellow gold and white gold. 

Why Buddha to Buddha?

They don’t stick to labels. Their jewelry is largely unisex, providing designs that can be worn by many. From the more delicate Refined Collection to the handcrafted Leather Collection, they have something for everyone. Their bold heritage collection, based off the original design by Batul in 1994, makes for the perfect statement piece in any wardrobe. Choose Buddha to Buddha for the next addition to your collection. 


Buddha to Buddha is a brand that cares about its customers. Founder Batul Loomans made sure that he created a brand that makes puts it’s Buddhist beliefs at the forefront of their mission. They provide high quality and ethically sourced jewelry to a wide variety of customers. Over the years they have created multiple pieces that partner with charities around the world. Above all, Buddha to Buddha provides quality materials and unique designs resulting in a stunning product.