Felix Z is a jewelry brand that provides sustainable handcrafted jewelry to their customers. In addition, the brand believes in not only providing quality products, but in supporting the artisans behind their creation. The pieces you will find throughout their collections are all handmade by different groups of artisans. They focus on designs that are unique and modern, sometimes travelling around the world to find that special component to their jewelry designs. Don’t miss out on what Felix Z brings to the table: an ethically conscious and sustainable product that will make you feel good about the jewelry you wear day to day.

Behind the Brand 

The Felix Z brand was born out of a love for handmade jewelry. Felix, a self-trained jewelry designer and his wife wanted to create a company that brings together artisans from all over the world. From their humble beginnings of selling Felix’s handmade jewelry at craft fairs and pop up shops they now have grown to support fair trade and jewelry designers around the world with Felix Z. 


Felix Z currently showcases 6 collections. Each of the pieces contribute to the themes of their respective collections. The uniquely designed pieces are handcrafted from quality materials. The Felix Z collections include: 

Shining Sunlight

This classically elegant collection contains designs that center around quartz druzy, a mineral that comes in various pastel colors, surrounded but cubic zircon accents for that extra sparkle. The pieces are set in 18kt yellow gold vermeil or sterling silver 

One of A Kind

Every piece in this collection contains a one of a kind geode, agate slice, druzy, stalactite, or natural crystal. You have a choice of 18k yellow gold vermeil or sterling silver for your setting. The pieces in this collection are truly unique which makes them a great addition to any personal collection. 

White Sea

This dreamy collection is inspired by the sea. Many of the pieces feature mother of pearl, carved yak bone, and the ocean colored amazonite. Bring your dreams of becoming a mermaid to life with this whimsical collection.

Crystal Energy 

This collection features clear quartz and labradorite. These stones are said to have healing properties that will help align your energies. If you enjoy the purity of crystals and their healing properties, this is a great collection to choose from. 

Sapphire Love

Sapphire Love is a collection of pieces featuring a natural sapphire. These stylish and simple pieces make a great addition to anyone’s personal collection. The collection contains necklaces, earrings, and rings. 

Why Felix Z?

Felix Z brings together unique and one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world. Felix and his wife set out to create an ethical and sustainable jewelry business that supports fair trade. By purchasing one of their products you will be supporting small groups of artisans throughout the world. Their six inspiring collections will not leave the consumer wanting for choices. Felix Z pieces are affordable and make a great addition to a personal collection. In conclusion, Felix Z delivers on quality and modern designs that do not disappoint.