Gold, Platinum and Diamond Buying

Here at Rox Jewelers, we not only offer a variety of services, we’re interested gold, platinum and diamond buying. Whether you are looking to replace old, unworn items, or looking to receive cash value for your accessories, we are here to help you every step of the way!

Our Process: Gold Buying

The weight of your gold determines how much you will be getting in compensation. Some gold jewelry is synthetic, meaning they’re mixed with other materials, and not made of pure gold. The more pure gold a piece of jewelry contains, the more money you will get for it. The value of your gold is calculated by taking the weight and multiplying it by the market price. Rox Jewelers dedicates to giving you top dollar for your items. 

Our Process: Diamond Buying

Marketability, as well as the 4c’s (color, cut, clarity, carat) play a role in the price of your diamonds. Certified diamonds hold more value on the market, so it’s good to make sure your diamonds have major certification, as diamonds that have minor to no certification hold much less value.

Now that you understand the process of selling your jewelry, let’s take a look at why people sell their accessories. 

6 Common Reasons for Selling Jewelry

Metals such as gold, platinum, and diamond are very valuable materials to sell in exchange for easy cash. There are many different reasons that people sell their jewelry. Let’s explore some of the most common.

Pay off Bills 

Unforeseen circumstances always arise in life, and they’re unavoidable. Whether you’re swimming in debt caused by hospital bills or student loans, or a few credit cards too deep, selling your jewelry is an easy way to earn cash to cover some of those expenses. 

It’s Broken, or Unrepairable

Did you know that gold is worth anywhere between $500 and $2,000 per troy ounce depending on its weight? Even if it’s broken, the same materials in gold may be recycled, liquified, and made into more jewelry when you bring it to a jeweler! It may be worth it to keep that broken chain instead of throwing away the chance at earning easy money.

Your Jewelry Has Lost Its Appeal

Jewelry trends are continuously changing in our society. What might have been popular ten years ago, may not be a hit currently. If there is no occasion to wear it to, you might as well exchange it for some extra cash in your pocket. Selling jewelry is a great way to declutter, especially with spring-time cleaning coming around the corner!

Divorce Rates are Increasing

The most common reason for selling a sentimental piece of jewelry is divorce. It’s difficult to keep a ring that reminds you of a failed partnership, so why hold on to it? Instead of calling it a complete loss, why not sell it and receive credit towards a new piece or receive cash in return? This process can also bring you a sense of liberation, as you are finally letting go and moving on. 

You May Not be Able to Sell it Yourself

Most people aren’t interested in diamond buying for pieces that aren’t in new condition, so selling on the secondary market can be a struggle. When taking this route, it’s hard to get paid what your item is truly worth. If you’re looking to receive top dollar for your jewelry, it’s best to take it to a reputable, licenced jeweler for evaluation.  

There’s Simply No Need for it

Many people find no use for heirloom wedding rings. This may sound unfeeling, but perhaps the ring has landed into the hands of a person with no intentions of marriage. Every circumstance is different, and if it’s just sitting in a drawer, why not sell it?

We Want Your Gold, Platinum and Diamond

Broken chains, unwanted rings, ex-engagement ring, charm bracelets from the 80s, coins — whatever you have that you are not going to wear anymore, bring them to Rox Jewelers. We will evaluate the value on the spot. You can decide to go home with a check, take a store credit towards a new piece of jewelry, or use the value towards a new custom piece. We’re your go-to diamond buying, gold buying, and platinum buying business. Contact us today!