Enamel Rings

Enamel rings are a beautiful, timeless accessory. They’re elegant, unique, and perfect for pairing with other jewelry. Enamel rings are made from precious metals like gold and silver, but the real magic lies in the enamel itself. The technique used to create enamel art on jewelry has been around since ancient times and was used by cultures such as the Egyptians and Greeks. Today’s enamel jewelry is still handmade in small batches by artists who specialize in this technique.

What are Enamel Rings?

enamel rings

Enamel is a glass-like material that is fused to metal. It’s scratch resistant, durable, and has an opaque or translucent appearance. You can create enamel rings in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Enamel rings are beautiful, fun to wear, and affordable. These jewelry pieces make great gifts for family members or friends!

The History of Enamel Jewelry

Enamel jewelry has been popular for centuries.

Some early enamel rings were crafted in the 16th century when European jewelers began adding goldwork to the precious metal. Over time, these pieces evolved into more elaborate necklaces and earrings that featured bright colors and stunning designs. The most common technique today uses a powder coating added to metal rings or pieces, and then fired at high temperatures to create the shiny, smooth enamel jewelry we see today.

Once cooled down, they would polish off rough edges before firing their creation in special kilns at very high temperatures—over 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit! This high temperature causes metal oxides within the glass to turn into pure metallic silver or gold, making beautiful jewelry that shines brightly without losing its color after years of wear.

A Look for Every Occasion

Whether you’re hunting for an everyday ring or a unique occasion piece, these enamel rings are sure to catch your eye. From simple bands to complex statement pieces, we’ve got it all covered.

Take this elegant gold band topped with white enamel: perfect for a wedding or other special occasion! Or how about this green enamel ring? The emerald hue is ideal for any formal event where glitz and glamor are in order—and it won’t go out of style anytime soon, either.

Style with Other Jewelry

Enamel rings are a great accessory to keep in your jewelry collection. Not only can they be worn day or night, but they can also be an excellent gift for anyone on your list. Enamel rings come in various colors and styles and are durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking easily.

Wear Alone or in a Stack

Enamel rings are perfect for wearing alone or stacked with other rings. You can wear them on different fingers to get the most out of your jewelry collection. They’re easy to wear and won’t catch on anything; they’re low maintenance but still make a statement!

Get Your Enamel Rings at Rox

When you wear enamel rings, you can be sure they will always be fashionable and stylish. The beautiful colors and patterns make them a popular choice for jewelry. They are also easy to match with other jewelry pieces, such as earrings or necklaces of various styles. At Rox, enamel rings are one of the most versatile jewelry pieces.