Gemstone Education

Gemstones are pieces of mineral that are cut and polished, most often for use in jewelry. You may hear them called by different names. For example, gems, jewels, semi-precious stones, and precious stones are all other terms for gemstones. When looking for a piece of jewelry it is important to have the proper gemstone education. Whether you are looking to buy or get a piece appraised, it is helpful to know some basic information about gemstones and types of gemstones.

Four different criteria determine the quality of the gemstone. An experienced jeweler would decide the quality based on the color, clarity, cut, and carat of the jewel. Determining the quality of a gem can be difficult. Above all, when looking to have a gem appraised or evaluated, it is wise to have a reputable jeweler take a look at your stone. Gemstones come in hundreds of varieties. Rox Jewelers helps you find the perfect stone to fit your practical and aesthetic needs. But, being equipped with basic gemstone education assists you in making the right choice for your next purchase.

Gemstone Education:The Basics


Diamonds are some of the most well-known gems out there. Known for their durability and colorless character, diamonds make the best daily wear jewelry. Most of the diamond deposits on Earth exist in Africa. A gem of signifying purity and innocence makes this one of the most highly sought after gems.


In ancient times, the sapphire signified spiritual symbolism and beauty. This gemstone is usually sought after in it’s cornflower blue color. However, the sapphire exists in a wide variety of colors and shades. Sapphires deposits exist in China, North America, and Thailand. However, laboratories also create synthetic version of this popular gemstone.


Emeralds are a historically admired gem, valued for their striking color. Emeralds derive from the mineral beryl and get their green hue from trace amounts of chromium. Today, most emeralds are sourced from Brazil, Columbia, and Africa.


Renowned for its rich color and rarity, the ruby is one of the most popular stones. Rubies are a highly durable gemstone, only slightly softer than diamonds. Consequently, they are a great choice for daily wear jewelry.


Topaz is naturally a golden brown to yellow color. However, they appear in a variety of colors. Topaz becomes more valuable when they include deep shades of orange and red. Topaz's durability makes it very durable which makes it an excellent choice for frequently worn jewelry pieces.

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The above gemstones are basic examples of popular types of gemstones. Other noteworthy gemstones include amethyst, garnet, and peridot. Therefore, every gemstone offers their own distinctive characteristics. In short, having some basic gemstone education will help you make the most informed decision for your jewelry needs. An experienced jeweler at Rox Jewelers can assist you with finding the best fit for you. In conclusion, please feel free to contact us at 404-793-4769 for a consultation or to inquire about our other jewelry services.