Lab Grown Diamond Rings for Your Wedding

Statistics show that the number of marriages are growing more and more each day. Over two million people in the United States share a marriage with one another. In most cases, partners display their special bond in the form of jewelry- wedding rings. There are many different options of rings available to choose from, but wouldn’t it be nice to create your own special piece? In today’s latest fashion trends, lab diamond wedding rings are a hit, and here’s why. 

Lab Created Diamond Rings: How They are Made

Lab diamonds are man-made diamonds that resemble the appearance of a mined diamond. Because they produce in a laboratory, the environment in which they form remains controlled.This allows the jeweler to cater to your tastes. Working alongside a jeweler is beneficial when customizing your own unique wedding ring. 

Lab Created Diamond Rings: The Benefits


Lab grown diamond rings are beneficial to our environment. While mined diamonds produce over 120 pounds of carbon per single karat, lab diamonds only discharge 6 pounds of carbon. This helps reduce the exposure of harmful gasses in our ecosystems. Go green, and choose lab grown! 

Uses Less Water

In addition to creating less greenhouse gasses, lab grown diamonds use less water during creation. A lab created diamond needs to process 18 gallons of water per carat to form. On the other hand, a mined diamond must consume more than 125 gallons of water in order to produce. Not only do lab diamonds consume less water, they are ethical and help prolong the lifespan of our Earth. 

Uses Less Energy

The energy used to create a lab diamond is renewable, while the energy used for a mined diamond is not. In addition to recycling energy, lab diamonds only require 250 joules of energy per carat. On the contrary, when a diamond produces in Earth’s core, the amount of energy usage doubles that of a lab diamond. 

Save Yourself Extra Money

We all love a good deal, right? While these lab grown diamond rings are environmentally friendly, they also save you a lot of money. Prices for lab diamond rings range between $1,000-$5,000, while you can expect to spend double or even triple for a mined diamond ring. 


Many new designs became present in the world of lab grown diamonds, such as flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval and square cut designs. When using controlled machinery with lab diamond production, this allows the ability to create your own beautiful and unique blueprint. Many traditional wedding rings have similar looks to them, however with a lab diamond ring, you can enter a world filled with new ideas, patterns, and colors. 

Variety of Colors

When you create lab grown diamond rings, you have the freedom to create any colored stone possible. Why stick to your plain white diamond ring when you can bring your piece of jewelry to life? Here’s some of the most common gemstones used in lab grown wedding rings.

  • Sapphire– Is normally a gemstone that is blue in most cases, however, they offer a variety of different colors, with the exception of the color red. (only rubies are red) Sapphire is a part of the corundum family, along with ruby.
  • Ruby– Is a red corundum. A true ruby can only be the color red. Any color corundum other than red is considered a Sapphire. Both corundum gemstones display desirability and rarity.
  • Emerald– Is a stone that is a deep-green color. You cannot make emerald into other colors, however, similar hues such as blue-green and yellow-green hues are achievable to produce. 
  • Opal– Is a stone that casts an array of different colors. While reflections may bring out a rainbow of hues, they’re only offered in black and white. The most expensive opals are black opals, while the white ones are much more common.
  • Topaz– This stone appears in an abundance of colors, however, natural topaz is golden- yellow in color. If deep shades of scarlet hues are visible in your gemstone, you’ve got one of the most valuable types of topaz! 

Creating lab grown diamond rings gives you the creative freedom to customize your perfect piece. If you are looking for a ring that caters to your taste and is sustainable environmentally and economically, lab grown is the way to go!

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