Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is the perfect way to accessorize your look. It’s a fun way to add some flair and personality to your wardrobe, whether you’re going for an elegant evening gown or something a little more edgy. Here at Rox, we’ve got tons of great options when it comes to these beautiful pieces that are sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go!

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a type of jewelry that is not removable. It can be made from a variety of materials, including gold and silver.

The most popular permanent jewelry are bracelets and anklets.

Permanent Jewelry is Fun!

Permanent jewelry is a great way to express yourself and it’s permanent. It’s also an experience, which means that you’ll have a story to tell your friends about how you got your permanent anklet or bracelet welded on.

If these cons aren’t enough for you and you still want some sort of body modification but don’t think getting another tattoo or piercing would fit into your lifestyle right now then read on for more info about getting permanent makeup!

How to Attach a Permanent Bracelet

To attach a permanent bracelet, you’ll need to pick your chain. This can be done right in our shop–you can choose from an assortment of styles and materials in our store. Once you’ve decided on your chain (and had it measured to ensure its length is correct), all that remains is attaching it to your arm or ankle. Then, a quick weld holds the chain in place forever. It’s that simple!

More Than Just Jewelry – It’s an Experience

Permanent jewelry is more than just jewelry–it’s an experience. It’s a fun way to express yourself and show off your personal style. You can get chains with charms or just go for something simple and traditional. At Rox, we have many clients that come in pairs or groups to get zap bracelets to commemorate a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or memorial for a loved one. In some cases, it’s just a novel way to spend a girls’ night out.

An Exciting Way to Accessorize

Permanent pieces are a great way to express your personality, beliefs and emotions. It can be a good way for you to remember loved ones who have passed on, or commemorate an important event in your life.

Whether you are looking for something simple or elaborate, permanent jewelry can be customized according to your tastes and needs. There are many types of materials used in making this type of body adornment including gold, silver, precious stones such as diamonds or rubies; other options include semi-precious stones (like turquoise) as well as plastics like acrylics which are lightweight yet durable enough not to break easily when bumped into something hard.

Permanent Jewelry Services from Rox Atlanta Jewelers

The best part about permanent jewelry is that it’s a fun way to accessorize. You can choose from many different styles, colors and designs that all go with any outfit! The possibilities are endless when it comes to permanent jewelry.