Shop Small & Stay Local

These days, you’re probably hearing a lot about shopping small and shopping local. Why would that be? Well, small businesses need our support! There are so many benefits to you and your community by shopping close to home. And today, as we live through a pandemic, the need to support local businesses has never been more important. To retain jobs, improve our local economies while protecting the national economy, we must shop small and stay local. Here are more reasons to patronize nearby businesses:

Staying Local Means More Variety

When you support local companies, you support friendly competition between businesses. As your local economy grows, niche shops will begin to open and flourish because there is a demand for the variety. By comparison, some communities in hardship have very few options, just one of the issues leading to food deserts across America. 

Keep Dollars in the Community

Money exchanging hands is good for the economy, but keeping those dollars within the businesses and localities in which you live is even better! There’s no better way than to keep the momentum your area is building than by circulating that money among these businesses. Dollars sent to another country to buy something that could easily be bought locally doesn’t help your community.

Help the Environment

When you buy goods that don’t have to travel long distances, you’re doing your part to save the environment. Products transported by air, boat, or over land all contribute harmful pollutants to our environment. To combat climate change and lower your carbon footprint, buying products produced locally (or as closely as possible) is a far better investment in your time and money. If you care about the environment, buy local.

More Local Jobs

More local businesses means more jobs for your neighbors. That means less hardship for people. In addition to that, local jobs translate to more dollars being spent locally. If you don’t have to leave your town to spend money in some other area, the dollars stay local.

Get to Know the People in Your Community

Patronizing your nearby business is fun because you get to know people! Suddenly, your network opens up exponentially. When you’re in a bind and can’t find your favorite cut of meat, you know a local butcher to call. Or perhaps, you need a last-minute watch repair on a family heirloom. Good thing you got to know a local, trusted jeweler. If you’re new to town, it’s also a good way to make new friends while getting to know what products are available for purchase.

Better Customer Service When You Shop Small

Nothing beats local customer service. We’ve all been on the phone with credit card companies or online businesses that use call centers for their customer service. These individuals, although often nice and professional, are far away and suffer no real consequences for losing your business. A local business, however, wants to retain your business. So, they are more likely to work hard to get you the service and goods you need. Also, small businesses provide a special, one-of-a-kind touch you just don’t get with big box stores. Small really does make a difference.

Rox Jewelers wants to thank all our patrons for continuing to shop with us! It’s always a privilege to serve our community.