We Buy Watches

Have you been thinking about selling that luxury watch you no longer use? At Rox, we can help make that a reality. We buy watches, and as a full-service jewelry shop that prides itself on providing quality jewelry and customer service to all of our customers. Rox understands that selling any jewelry from your collection can be emotional. Our customers are our highest priority, and we always treat them with the highest courtesy and respect. When you come into Rox Atlanta, we provide a discreet and safe setting for you to ask questions about the sale of any jewelry you have. 

 At Rox Atlanta, we employ knowledgeable staff that can answer all of your questions. When it comes to watch buying, our experienced jewelers will determine the value of your luxury or antique watch by evaluating several factors. For example, quality, age, and designer all have a part to play in the appraisal of your timepiece. So, whether you are looking to sell an antique family heirloom watch or just a watch you no longer wear, you can trust Rox to provide you with a fair offer. 

Selling Your Watch

Like we mentioned earlier, watch value is determined through the evaluation of a few key elements. Our staff will look at things like watch brand, condition, and materials to create a competitive offer for your timepiece. Additionally, metal content, the weight of metals, and any gemstones or diamonds in your piece are looked at for value. Looking to sell other parts of your collection? At Rox Atlanta, we also offer buying services for the following:

  • Loose gemstones
  • Gold
  • Diamonds

Rox is a full-service jeweler equipped to handle the unique needs of our customers. Have questions? Let our watch buyers offer their jewelry expertise. Feel free to walk into our shop or call to book an appointment with one of our jewelry experts. 

We Buy Watches: What We Buy

Our jewelers have the unique knowledge necessary to be able to determine the actual value of your watch. As a result, they know the ins and outs of luxury brands that hold their value well. For example, some notable fine watch brands include:

Audemars Piguet

A luxury watch manufacturer headquartered in LeBrassus, Switzerland. It was founded in 1875 by Jules Louis Audemars and Edward August Piguet. They created the famous 1972 Royal Oak wrist watch that skyrocketed the success of their brand. 

Tag Heuer

This luxury watch brand specializes in chronograph watches. They were founded in 1860 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Additionally, they sell fashion accessories and eyewear. 


Founded in 1833, this watch manufacturer is one of the oldest around. They bring their experience and skills to the table with their luxury watches. Their latest collection is the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon, which features multi-axis tourbillons. 

Patek Philippe

This ultra-famous brand has many notable achievements under its 176-year-old belt. They have been creating revolutionary designs for their watches for their entire existence. They are even providing precious timepieces for royalty. 

More than Luxury Wrist Watches

Luxury brands aren’t the only watches that stay valuable for a long time. Antique watches can be highly sought after due to their rarity. For example, Patek Philippe is one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world. Patek Philippe sold their famous 1940s built 1518 watch for 11 million dollars at auction in 2019. There are only four 1518 watches ever made, making it one of the rarest watches on the market. 

Also, watches that incorporate precious metals, gemstones, or diamonds can be highly sought after as well. Our experienced watch buyers will look at all of these factors. Whether you are selling a family heirloom, a luxury watch you no longer utilize, or an antique you’ve been holding onto. Rox Atlanta is here to provide you with a fair market offer for your piece. We buy watches of all kinds!

Other Watch Services

Rox’s watch services aren’t limited to buying. We provide several services for our customers. 

Watch Repair: Is your watch non-functioning? Or possibly the strap has seen some wear. We can repair your watch and return it to you in functioning order. 

Cleaning: Watches see a lot of wear and tear due to their daily use. Rox can clean your watch, making it look as good as new. 

Engraving: Do you want to purchase a watch for a special someone? Give it the extra thought by getting it engraved at Rox. 

Ready to get started? We buy watches, and we’d love to work with you on your next sale. Call us at 404.793.4769 or contact us using our web form.