Will Lab Grown Diamonds Hold Value?

There is a resale market for just about anything, even lab grown diamonds. But will lab grown diamonds hold value? Many claim that these synthetic diamonds hold little to no value on the market, but that’s not the case at all! Just like mined diamonds, lab created diamonds hold a similar resale value and sell for a portion of the original sale price. Here at Rox Jewelers, we buy diamonds whether mined or man-made. You can walk out with a check, or earn store credit towards another piece for your jewelry collection. 

How Value Gets Determined

It’s highly unlikely you will earn back what you paid for your diamond, so you may be asking yourself, “will lab grown diamonds hold value”? Believe it or not, you may still make a fraction of a profit when selling your lab diamond. Wholesalers and Retailers operate under a pricing system known as the Rapaport pricing method. This method is similar to the common “MSRP” method, and the price of your item reflects a discounted percentage of the item’s original worth. The better condition and quality a diamond holds, the more money you will receive for it. 

Ways to Receive a Higher Value on Your Diamond

Many sellers settle for less money because they’re unaware of the other factors that play a role when determining price. Why not maximize your profit? Low-ballers are everywhere, and they want to spend as little money as possible in order to make a larger profit for themselves. Let’s say you bought a lab diamond a few years ago, priced at $1,500 and now you’re looking to sell it. You are only receiving offers of $200 or less. Here’s how you can guarantee yourself more money. 


The overall wear and tear on the diamond will be where your price point begins. If your item is in poor condition, it’s highly unlikely that someone will want to buy it. On the other hand, if the jewelry is in near perfect condition, the seller will have a chance to make back a portion of the diamond’s original price. It is a wise decision to keep up with your jewelry, and clean your them regularly to prolong it’s longevity.  


Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat all determine the price set for your diamond. While the most desirable component of the four is the cut of the diamond, each component plays a vital role when evaluating a diamond’s grade. With the right cut, resilience, color, and size, you could be looking to earn a good amount of your money back.


Keep all documentation of your diamond’s certification(s). This is very important, as diamonds with little to no certification hold no value on the market. Without certification, there is no proof of the diamond’s authenticity, which is crucial information. 

Selling to a Trusted Jeweler

You want to make sure that your diamonds are falling into the right hands. What better person to help you than a trusted jeweler? Jewelers know everything there is to know about diamonds and jewelry. They will be able to determine the price of your diamond as accurately as possible. Selling on any market will not bring you as much profit as selling your item to a credible jeweler.  

Lab Grown is Unique and it Sells!

There is a misconception that lab diamonds are not worth much. But imagine shopping on a resale market for diamond rings and seeing the same, boring, white diamond. What sets apart a mined and lab diamond is its uniqueness. Someone online may be willing to pay more for a custom, blue sapphire ring over a diamond that looks just like the next. 

Will Lab Grown Diamonds Hold Value? Yes, Because of a High Demand

Now that we took a look at some factors that determine pricing, will lab grown diamonds hold value overtime? The answer is yes! Along with the condition of the item, if an item is rare and is in high demand, it will hold more value. With proper care, certifications, quality and uniqueness, you can expect your item to still hold value, and maybe receive even a greater compensation, depending on the demand for it. 

Bring Your Diamonds to Rox!

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